Crispy Fresh Brand New Music: It’s A Wrap For August!

It’s been a great month in terms of music releases. We have had so many options and that can only signify our musical space is thriving and accommodating everyone. Here are some of the latest releases that we close out the month with.

Moji Shortbaba – Mitumba

Ex Kelele Takatifu member Moji has found his rhythm in putting out Gospel hit-songs. He has had the viral videos for  ‘Kuzitoka’ and most recently ‘Vimbada’ and now he is back with ‘Mitumba’. The edgy, catchy and distinctive lines on the jam make it a stand out and a hit in waiting. Check it out below.

Ethic – Saba

The fast-rising new group Ethic represent the streets to the core. They broke out with ‘Lamba Lolo’ which was a national phenomenon, scored several big stage gigs and had a collabo with The Kansoul. The group is back with hard-hitting sheng lyrics and some Swahili rap you’d enjoy. Saba is the latest installment and you just need to listen to understand it.

Naiboi – 2 In 1

Pacho Boss Naiboi seems like knows no rest until the nation is dancing to his catalog. The latest installment titled ‘2 in 1’ is strictly for the lovers and he does deliver with the melodies and danceable beat. The video features selfie moments with various celebrities jamming to his song. Here is it.

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