Crispy Fresh! Brand New Music From The 254

The Crispy Fresh Music chart this week is on fire. Love must be in the air if the new KE releases are anything to go by. So without any further ado:

Rongesa – Mbogi Genje (Smady Tingz), Unco Jingjong, Seska & Rudra Kartel

When Gengetone’s finest connect, the result is a fire tune and Rongesa is no exception. Produced by Kingpheezle, Rongesa is a unique fusion of Gengetone and Dancehall. Smady Tingz delivers an unforgettable chorus while the Unco Jingjong, Seska, and Rudra Kartel spit bars on bars in their respective verses.

July- Secretlyjuly

Sultry singer Secretjuly makes a powerful debut in the music game with her feel-good tune July. The song is very sensual and an RnB masterpiece that deserves a slot in your next playlist. Secrectjuly introduces us to her beautiful vocals and confidence and we are here for it.

Showman – Nyashinski

Off his Surprise project Therapy, Showman is a showcase of Nyashinki’s lyrical flow. Centered on the message of his music journey, the song also has thought-provoking lyrics. Additionally, Showman has a distinct instrumental that spews music sound engineering and production expertise.

Chakumpa -Diga & Shelay Don Odede

Diga and Shelay join forces once again for another tune. Chakumpa is a tale of a man in love who can’t afford to give his lover the good life. Diga passionately sings his heart out while Shelay drops his rhymes as they both narrate the travails of falling for a lady out of their league. Chakumpa is not only a storytelling piece but it is also very catchy.

Bahati – My Beginning

Bahati is on a mission to churn bangers this season and we are not complaining. His new love ballad My Beginning follows his last week’s hit Mambo Ya Mhesh Remix. My Beginning is delivered in Bahati’s classic style – smooth and easy. Additionally, the visuals are captivating and feature Aggie The Dance Queen’s top-notch choreography.

Follow – Fancy Fingers Ft India Arie

Yet another love ballad, is Fancy Finger’s collaboration with India Arie. Fancy Finger’s vocals dominate the song and it is refreshing to hear him sing once again. Furthermore, India Arie’s beautiful voice adds the sauce. Their harmonies towards the end of the song ooze musical chemistry. Lastly, the music video features actual footage of Polycarp and Amanda’s wedding ceremonies. Certified Crispy Fresh love song of the week.

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