Crispy Fresh! Brand New Music From The 254

As we wrap up the month of October, we can’t help but awe at the fire tunes being churned from the 254 music kitchen. This Crispy Fresh Chart features top selections from new Kenyan albums and EPs and even a dope comeback song.

Uwezo – Maluda Ft Scar Mkadinali

What better way than to start with a forceful comeback? Maluda’s hit Uwezo featuring Scar Mkadinali is representing Gospel tunes on this crispy fresh chart and it is a banger! It is the ultimate Hip Hop prayer anthem. The 2 rappers ask for God’s providence while still acknowledging his goodness. Even though it is short and sweet, both Maluda and Scar are vulnerable bearing their needs to God, yet still, delivering lyrically.

Higher – Umoja Sounds Ft Emma Cheruto

Higher is one of the latest releases from Umoja Sounds’ album Comfort Zone. It is very groovy and perfect for the dancefloor. Emma Cheruto’s sultry voice shines through the beat. Her lyrics are suggestive and well thought out. Lastly, she flaunts her songwriting capabilities by seamlessly switching languages in her verses.

Fika By 8:00 – Breeder LW

Breeder is a talented storyteller and Fika By 8:00 is proof of that. In this tune, the Bei Imepanda hitmaker tells a story of a man who can’t wait to meet his lover. Breeder manages to keep the story going while maintaining his smooth lyrical flow.

Eau De Vie – Octopizzo

Off his latest album Lamu Nights, Eau De Vie is one of Octopizzo’s most excellent releases yet. Described as luxury music, this song is a pure vibe. Octopizzo lays his slow but sure verses on the equally smooth beat. We do recommend this tune for your next road trip or solo walk playlists.

Ndasu – Mbuzi Gang

Lastly, is Ndasu a thrilling party anthem off Mbuzi Gang’s album Kelele. This jam passes the vibe check from Fathermoh’s infectious chorus to Joefes and Iphoolish’s bars in the verses. In addition, Ndasu’s music video features dope dance routines. We have certified it as a crispy fresh hit.

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