Crispy Fresh! Brand New Music From Kenyan Scene This Week!

The 254 is definitely the home of hits if this week’s new releases are anything to go by. Below are Kenya’s crispy fresh hits of the week:

Ushasema – KRG The Don, Lava Lava & Mbuzi Gang

Firstly is this club banger that connects the 254 and the 255. Ushasema is the perfect fusion of Gengetone, Reggatone, and Bongo. In addition, its colorful visuals and a very catchy hook, have earned it a slot in your favorite DJ’s next mix at the club.

Jovial – Unanikosha

Unanikosha is a feel-good track that will have you up on the dancefloor. Jovial’s vocals on this track are divine to say the list. Besides, her dancing, makeup, and wardrobe in the music video were very well executed. This entire production screams talent.

Wanavokali – Kula Tatu

Off their debut self-titled album, this track is exactly what happens when you sprinkle some beautiful harmonies on a Gengetone song. Wanavokali stepped out of their comfort zone by adding rap verses and experimenting with the Gengetone genre in this song and it is worth the risk. Kula Tatu is the kind of jam you want to listen to when getting ready to go out. And now that the curfew was lifted….

Must Be Nice – Benzema x Charisma

This song is the heartbreak song of the week. Benzema’s thought-provoking verses and Charisma’s passionate vocals merge to bring out the deeply painful emotions in the song’s message. Furthermore, the chorus is not only melodious but is also well performed. Lastly, Benzema and Charisma have unmatched musical chemistry and we can only hope for more collaborations between these two in the near future.

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