Crispy Fresh: Brand New Music For December

07 December of 2018 by

It is the holiday season and our music scene still popping, artists are working hard to cap off the year on a high. 2018 has been a success overall in terms of accepting Kenyan music as well as welcoming new cats on to the scene. Here are some of the big beats out recently.

Khali Cartel 2- Khaligraph Jones & The Gang

Earlier on in the year, Khaligraph dropped a sick cypher featuring dope rappers and was received with wide open arms as it opened doors for the guys involved. Since March, Khaligraph has dropped an album, multiple singles but he is not done yet. The Khali Cartel this time round hits heavy with a lineup like no other. Cats like Steph Kapella, Twenny Eights, Timmy Blanco, Katapilla and Xtatic, rap their voices out – their brilliance oozes on the beat. Check it out below and rewind because it is blazing.

Naiboi- Usipime Mwanaume

Naiboi has had a phenomenal 2018 and he is about to wrap it up in style. 2 In 1 jam has been trending nationally with the ripple from the viral video. Naiboi just released ‘Usipime Mwanaume’ and it follows the same melodies and appeal as 2 in 1. Presenting a party mood and relax type of feel, the jam might take you a minute or a few plays before it gets to you. Overall the jam is nothing like 2 In 1, I’d rate it at 6.

Femi One -Tembe

Kaka Empire signee Shiku Femi One has been laying low for months but she just popped out a banger for the holidays. The new release ‘Tembe’ has a catchy beat and flow with a memorable bridge. Femi takes it easy on the bars and follows an ordinary relatable street vibe which I guess works for the target audience. The beat, however, sounds like its samples ‘This kind Love’ but you be the judge on that.



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