Crispy Fresh! Brand New Bangers From The 254

New month new crispy fresh bangers. As we get ready to vote for our next leaders, here are the week’s hottest crispy fresh tunes. This week Sauti Sol seems to be overworking as they are dominating the crispy fresh chart. But we have a little bit of something for everyone, Hip Hop, love songs, conscious songs you name it.

Tano Tena – Sauti Sol Ft Nviiri the Storyteller & Bensoul

With the election around the corner, Tano Tena is a conscious song that addresses the political state of our country. Sauti Sol and the Sol Generation signees challenge politicians to do better by walking the talk and fulfilling the promises in their campaign manifestos. It is a call to voters to make wise choices during elections.

Madini Classic – Forever (Toritoritototo)

What is a week without a beautiful love song? Madini Classic does what he does best by delivering beautiful love declarations on this track. The melodic chorus and Madini’s vocals make this song very catchy. In addition, Forever’s colorful music video features the popular Pretty Vishy.

Girls On Top – Sauti Sol Ft Brandy Maina & Maandy Kabaya

Girls run this world and this song is just here to emphasize that. The Girls on Top song is a tribute to all the women making a difference in their community. Furthermore, it has a Reggaeton beat infused with Afro Pop that makes you want to dance. The music chemistry among the artists and harmonies also stand out.

Inauma – Bien

Inauma is what happens when the love of your life leaves you unexpectedly and you have to process life without them. From its infectious chorus to the instrumentation to the emotions conveyed in the verses, this track is definitely going to be a fan favorite.

Different Life – Blu Lace 16 Ft Spree

Representing the Hip Hop front is the fast-rising star, Blue Lace. Different Life is that jam that one can easily vibe to. Blue Lace and Spree seamlessly make good rap music in this track. Furthermore, the Crunk music undertones give this song a special vibration. Definitely, a Crispy Fresh tune to add to your rising star playlist.

Bado (Refix) – H_art The Band Ft Nyashinski

Bado (Refix) is a mellifluous tune about the journey of a musician to stardom. In this track H_art The Band and Nyashinski sing to their mothers about how they want to make them proud through their art. The visuals feature captivating animations that further emphasize the message of the song. On top of that, the harmonies in the track are well-layered and heartfelt.

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