Crime Drama Series “Faithless” Closes Season One Curtains

The crime drama series “Faithless” finally wraps up its 10-episode season one finale. With its gripping narrative, complex characters, and moral dilemmas, “Faithless” has taken viewers on a roller-coaster ride through the lives of four church women who descend into a world of crime. The season’s final episode titled “For Thine Is The Kingdom,” was directed by King Muriuki.

A Heist, a Duffel Bag, and the Unraveling of Morality

At the heart of “Faithless” is a heist that sets the stage for a gripping tale of morality and consequence. It revolves around four church women Ruth, Deborah, Hope, and Esther, whose lives change when they find a duffel bag full of cash. At the outset, these women embody righteousness, turning the cash into the police and continuing their charitable endeavors within the church community.

However, the path to perdition takes an unexpected twist when a tragedy strikes within the confines of the house of God. This pushes them to make a fateful deal with the enigmatic Cain (Aleks Kamau). Cain is the owner of the dirty loot. He has a strong determination to “clean” his cash in the most unsuspecting way possible. Unknowingly, Ruth and her friends become part of the perilous world of money laundering, involving the church in their criminal activities.

A Journey into Darkness

Throughout the season, these four friends undergo profound transformations. Deborah’s innocence proves to be her undoing, Esther loses her faith, and Hope pays the ultimate price for her involvement. However, it is Ruth’s descent into moral decadence and sin that stands out. As the pastor’s wife, she initially embodies righteousness and holds a prominent position within the congregation. She is revered for her guidance and solace, becoming the one congregants turn to for comfort.

The irony is stark when a body is discovered in a river. Ruth is summoned to console the grieving mother. Little do they know that the deceased met his fate at her very hands. This revelation shatters the façade of righteousness and sends shockwaves throughout the church community.

“Faithless” has been a captivating exploration of how individuals, even the most virtuous, can succumb to the allure of crime. The series masterfully navigates the complexities of morality, presenting characters who grapple with their choices and their consequences. It’s a chilling reminder that the line between good and evil can blur, even in the most unlikely places.

What Lies Ahead: Second Family

As “Faithless” wraps up its season with a bloody climax, it is now available for binge-watching on Showmax. Fans can also look forward to Showmax’s Second Family, returning on Thursday, 14th September. The second season promises to delve into new dynamics within the dysfunctional Gatehi-Langat family, offering a fresh perspective on their maize-milling empire and the individuals who seek to claim a piece of it.

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