Switzerland-based Kenyan Star Making Waves in Europe

Switzerland-based Kenyan artist Costary is one of Kenya’s finest musical exports. Born and raised in Kenya, and later set base in Switzerland, Costary has absorbed a melting pot of musical influences. Consequently, this has led to the formation of his unique sound that fuses different genres of music.

Costary’s smooth dancehall, sing-along rap, and feel-good sound have earned him several fans across the globe. Currently, he is an independent solo artist. Since his comeback in 2019, Costary has dropped several singles that have accumulated millions of streams.


Costary – MaddFamily Band

Before going solo, Costary was a member of the MaddFamily Band – a duo comprised of him and musician Gundaweche. As a group, MaddFamily released many projects and performed in over 400 shows in several Festivals across Europe. This duo shared stages with icons such as Jay Z, Shaggy, Stephen Marley, Cecil, Wu-Tang Clan, and Ice Cube among others.

Costary is currently about to drop his new album Love Chapter which will be preceded by his next project, Other Side of the Story. The singer describes his 2 upcoming albums as, ‘Completely the two sides of what’s not expected.’


Costary’s Music

Costary’s impressive discography boasts of hits such as Milele, Wanted, Options, Bombei, Dutty Wine, and One Girl just to mention a few. He recently dropped a collaboration with DJ Viper dubbed Propella – a club dancehall tune. When describing how this project came to be, the former MaddFamily member said. “I was introduced to Dj Viper when we both had a performance in Germany. The same night we got to work and laid the song Propella down.”

The Milele hitmaker has worked with Kenyan artists such as Reggae singer and producer Shamir Tadeiya and looks forward to working with more Kenyan musicians.

With his music getting airplay in several European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Italy, there is no doubt that his talent is curated for the global market. Costary’s songs are available on his official website and popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Images courtesy of Costary

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