COROS Launches PACE 2, Eliud Kipchoge Edition

Performance sports technology company COROS has partnered with the greatest marathoner, ever, Eliud Kipchoge to launch their latest product: COROS PACE 2 EK.

The EK in the COROS PACE 2, represents the initials of the athlete’s name – Eliud Kipchoge.

Eliud has been using COROS products and collaborated with the company, giving valued feedback on how to build the best tools for runners.


COROS is committed to assisting and improving athletic training, whilst sharing the beauty of outdoor sports through its products.


The EK PACE 2 features a white body on COROS PACE 2 Model, with hints of Red and Green, inspired by Kenya’s national flag colours.

The watch package includes two watchbands, silicone and Nylon.

The EK signature PACE 2 is bundled with COROS POD to allow advanced running metrix, and you get to train using the same data used by Eliud Kipchoge and his technical team.

Eliud Kipchoge

In the launch, Eliud talked about his main focus in a race, which includes; concentrating on the splits and time, as well as listening to his body, especially after 30km when he’s in pain.

“I think I’m happy for COROS to introduce an EK Watch. It tells everybody no human is limited. You are not limited at all. Let us Press on! Press on! and Press on! Let us enjoy running, when you get an EK watch, it tells you please jump out of your door, run and enjoy, actually have fun.”

Eliud added, “This is the only way to be free in the world, running is where freedom is, and if you have an EK watch, that’s where the freedom is.”


In honour of Eliud Kichoge’s first-ever Senior Gold medal which came in the 5000m at the 2003 world championship in Paris, COROS has put out 5000 units of the PACE 2 EK available on their website and select stores globally.