Corazon Kwamboka’s Advice To Women Battling Endometriosis

When Corazon Kwamboka was diagnosed with 4th stage endometriosis in 2019, her greatest fear was that her dream to experience motherhood would never come true. However, the mother of one now says that her experience should be a learning lesson to other women battling endometriosis.

“When I got diagnosed with 4th stage endometriosis on both of my ovaries early 2019, I was terrified, the thought of never being a mom kept rigging over and over in my head…”she stated

In a post sending Women’s day celebration wishes, the vocal personality also highlighted that the month of March is endometriosis awareness month and through her platform shared some important facts that people should know about the condition.

Addressing other women who are battling the condition, Corazon encouraged those who wish to be mothers not to give up since not everyone suffering from the condition is unable to bear children.

“I’ve come learn that having endometriosis doesn’t mean you can’t be a mom, with proper treatment and care. You can still live your dream.

“To all my endowarriors, infertility is not your portion. May you all heal.” She wrote

According to her, welcoming her first child was indeed a blessing and a dream come true and she revealed that she intends to have 4 more children.

A few months back, she opened up on the struggles of adjusting to motherhood life and thanked her partner Frankie Just Gym It for being supportive.


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