Content Queen Norah Geoffrey’s Advice on Career, Beauty and Fashion

Norah Geoffrey is currently one of our favourite style and beauty content creators on Instagram. Scrolling through Norah’s IG feels like looking through a fancy magazine. The Technical University of Mombasa graduate is always looking stunning with perfect makeup, done by her, and outfits that will make you want to raid her closet. Lifestyle, fashion, and style are not the only focal points of her brand. The 24-year-old is also an educator, businesswoman and she also uses her platform for philanthropy.

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The Nairobi fashion and beauty scene has so much more to offer young adults now than a few years ago. Clothing stores like Mr. Price and LC Waikiki setting shop in Kenya, more small scale exporters, global e-commerce, and the digitalization of thrifting and other factors have all played a big role in this. Fashion aside, makeup and beauty trends are also nowhere near what they were 5-10 years ago. Influencers like Norah who share their experiences creating their style and beauty identities are also shaping this.

My love for art, makeup and fashion keeps me motivated! It’s hard to stay consistent but again my followers are inspired everytime I post something in one way or another and that keeps me going! It’s important to do what you are good at and inspire people in the process. If you are good at cooking use that as your power! For me its beauty and fashion.”

Read on for Norah’s latest Instagram QnA where her followers asked her some serious life and career questions as well as some of her fashion and beauty plugs and preferences.

What are you grateful for?

Life, health, and everyone around me.

Business or employment? 

I have quit good-paying jobs since I cleared campus, and one of them I quit after a week. Honestly, if you have a good idea and business plan go for it. It can be lucrative for you. If you are not business oriented then employment is a safer path.

Your advice on skin issues like acne?

I once reacted to a fake product that messed up my face. I went to a dermatologist who prescribed an affordable cream for me that worked.

What’s your skin type?

Oily. My noise being the oil depot.

What’s your go-to daily face moisturizer?

I use Body Evolution by Winnie products.

Best foundation for oily skin?

I recommend Clinique Even Better range (choose the one that gives you a matte finish) and Black Opal. To be honest, I don’t think the Maybelline Fit me is friendly for oily skin. That’s my take.

Which eyeshadow palette would you recommend for a beginner?

Huddah Cosmetics is beginner-friendly.

How do you remove your body hair?

I wax, although I have used a razor now and then when I had to. Waxing is more advisable if you can.

Your wardrobe staples?

White tees. I have like 7 white t-shirts, mom jeans and black dresses.

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