Content Creators Whose Depiction Of High School Life Will Take You Down Hilarious Memory Lane

There is no doubt that laughter is medicine to the soul. In fact, there is nothing as funny as a joke which one can relate to. High school for many of us was an unforgettable experience. Many people who went through the 8-4-4 system in Kenya, share similar experiences from the daunting dawn preps to the favorite parts of high school such as outings, meal and entertainment times.

Below are some comic content creators whose depictions of life in Kenyan high schools will take you down a hilarious memory lane:

Natalie Githinji

The young NRG Radio presenter and digital content creator will have your ribs cracking with her high school life skits, where she plays the role of a naughty student most of the time. Although her comedy is versatile, her high school life skits stand out and are popular among her fans. Most of her videos are available on her Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Mark Mwas

The Tiktok sensation is undoubtedly the king of high school comedy in Kenya. His clips are usually short yet very funny. Mark’s depictions of various characters within a high school setting from teachers to students are apt and very relatable.

Teacher Mayoyo and Waithaka

This epic duo is the perfect merge of a typical strict Kenyan high school teacher and a naughty student. These two always nail their respective roles yet manage to bring out the humor in every situation. Check out their YouTube channel below.

Cheka Tu TV

The YouTube channel that was founded by Anthony Mbuthia AKA Njoro for aspiring entertainers, boasts of having comedy based on various topics that range from African Parents to peculiar habits of Kenyans. While their content on African mothers has earned them tons of fans, Their high school comedy is definitely very hilarious. Currently, the channel has 6 major actors. Check out one of their skits on high school life below.

Socks Ya Mkamba

This bubbly high school student is one of the funniest comediennes in Kenya. Her jokes that are centered around various high school life experiences such as prefects, meal times and school outings among others are very funny. She is slowly growing her fan base with her viral clips and is definitely one star to watch out for.

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