Conjestina Hired As Sonko’s Personal Bodygaurd

Kenyan boxing champion Conjestina Achieng has made a remarkable turnaround and has recently been employed as Mike Sonko’s personal bodyguard.

Sonko shared the news via his socials, while also sharing a photo of Conjestina in an all-white two-piece suit, as she began her official day as an employee.

“Nawacho ni Conjestina okdog Siaya coz we transform lives. We don’t play politics or PR na life ya any Kenyan.” Sonko stated.

Ten years ago‘Conje’ was on the verge of ‘vanishing’ as she faced financial and mental health issues since she left boxing in 2011.

However, with the help of the former Nairobi governor, she was taken to rehab and has recovered remarkably.

On Sunday, Sonko showed the female boxer back in the boxing ring, indicating that her recovery is on the right path.

“Because we transform lives. We don’t play politics or PR na life ya any Kenyan,” Sonko stated.

Several Kenyans have moved to social media to praise of Sonko for the role he played in helping the Kenyan boxing champion get her life back.

Many reacted to Sonko’s posts expressing happiness on Conjestina’s transformation as they showered the former governor with praises.

Sonko noted that Conje’s story is one of a fighter’s spirit that refuses to be extinguished.

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