Comedienne Jemutai Decries Financial Struggles, Resorts To This 

Renown former Churchill Show comedienne Jemutai has come out to seek Kenyans assistance in the financial difficulties she is currently going through.

Taking to social media, the single mother of one revealed that she has accrued several months’ rent arrears.

“I am a single mother of one and life is becoming harder every day. I have lots of rent arrears,” she said.

Jemutai has reported to the unthinkable choice of selling her Facebook account as it has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers.

Jemutai talks about Nairobi - YouTube

“It has over 850,000 followers. It goes for 2 bob per follower,” she confirmed.

Her move is unlike any other celebrity’s as she has chosen not only to beg for assistance but offer something for the money.

” I want to be able to start a business and take care of my kids,” she revealed.

Jemutai joins the long list of celebrities coming forward to Kenyans with a plea for assistance including Omosh from Tahidi High among others.

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