Comedians Njugush & Wakavinye Take Their Show ‘Through Thick And Thin’ Online

Comedians Njugush and Wakavinye are taking their stand-up comedy show titled Through Thick and Thin, online. This comes after a successful premiere of the stand-up comedy show that took place on Valentine’s Day this year at the Garden City Mall.

The show which was the couple’s first-ever stand-up comedy gig got overwhelming support from fans who thronged the venue to get a dose of Njugush and Wakavinye’s comedy. The star-studded event was a pivotal moment in their comedy careers as it flaunted the versatility of their comedy and solidified their position as top comics in Kenya.

According to the two comedians, the online version of Through Thick and Thin will be aired on their YouTube Channel in four phases with the first part scheduled to go down on 3rd August 2020 as per their tweet below:

Fans are clearly anticipating to see what these episodes of Through Thick and Thin will have in store for them if their comments are anything to go by. Njugush and Wakavinye have steadily grown to be some of the most respected comic content creators in Kenya. Their hilarious clips on social media have earned them a legion of fans and bagged them lucrative influencer gigs from various Kenyan corporates.


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