Comedian Flaqo Officially Back To Content Creation

Kenyan entertainer Flaqo has reemerged following a two-month hiatus due to health issues.

Speaking to local media outlets, Flaqo disclosed his battle with H. pylori infection and other health challenges, including complications from weightlifting.

“I thank God for great health. I was battling Malaria, and H Pylori. Grateful to God for restoring my health. It’s been a tough journey dealing with malaria, H. pylori, and spine problems caused by weightlifting. I was bedridden for two months, but now I’m gearing up to resume my series in less than three weeks.” he said.

Flaqo had previously shared a hospital video, expressing hope for a return to normalcy.

“For two months, I’ve been in and out of the hospital. Mobility has been a challenge, but I trust in God’s guidance. Your prayers mean everything. Good health is a blessing; I’ve had setbacks but remain optimistic about overcoming them. Can’t wait to get back to creating content.”

He also developed back problems due to his gym routine.

“I also had a spine issue that had been brought about by weight lifting. It really took a toll on me as I was not doing anything for the two months. IN less than three weeks to continue my series,” he said.

While Flaqo didn’t disclose specifics about his ailment initially, his determination to recover and return to his craft remains unwavering.

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