Comedian Eric Omondi Stops by The Jimmy Fallon Show

Eric Omondi, a staple name in the 254 entertainment industry is enlarging his audience reach and this week he just hit gold. He is in the USA where he is scheduled to perform in one of the Las Vegas sevens after party events alongside Nigerian artist Tekno.

Making the most of his USA trip, Eric made a stopover in New York and little did he know, his dream was to come true. He grabbed a moment to attend the famous “The Tonight Show” hosted by Jimmy Fallon. The show has a major traction and is a favorite stopover for celebrities including former president Obama. Eric had to clear his bucket list by being first Kenyan comic to take that stage, formally or informally.

Eric grabbed his chance to impress Jimmy as the show hit a commercial break. Clad in his track & field regalia, very pronounced with the Kenyan colors, he asked for a minute and Jimmy did the honors of announcing “All the way from Kenya, Eric Omondi”. Eric proceeded to tell his joke and the crowd burst out making him elated.

It was so riveting for him that he jumped on his Instagram and commented “imagine one of your wildest dreams coming true, mine just did”. I think the whole thing had played in his head before it actually materialized. From the dressing, the positioning of his camera and handing his phone to someone to document the whole 15 seconds of fame.

Eric is using his Las Vegas tour to tease and promote a world tour coming up under the theme “Eric Omondi Untamed” in eleven countries and 17 cities. Having mastered his craft, his camera is his best friend now as you can see him filming in busy streets of New York. He will also be introducing his partner in crime Chipukeezy who his make his debut American trip this weekend.

Kenyans online were equally impressed and took the opportunity to recognize his talent and hard work after the video went viral.Others were awaking to the shock that his craft could propel him to unimaginable spaces. Sample these:


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