Comedian Butita Eyes Kiss FM Morning Show Gig, Offers a Million-dollar Pitch

Hold on to your headphones, folks, because there’s a new contender vying for the top spot at Kiss FM! Comedian Eddie Butita has thrown his hat into the ring, expressing keen interest in replacing outgoing Oga Obinna on The Morning Kiss.

In a bold move, Butita even made public his desired salary, setting the bar high with a cool million per month. And if you thought that was audacious, check out Kiss FM’s witty response!

“ Budget iko lakini swali ni utaonekana kwa picha za asubui mkuu 😂,” they wrote.

Despite the humor, it’s clear that Butita means business, and he’s already generating a buzz across the radio waves.

On the other hand, Akuku Danger hinted that he would be willing to offer his services to the company for a monthly salary of KSh 500,000.

Meanwhile, Obinna bid the station farewell after achieving his dreams and making his mark on the station.

“I’m no longer at Kiss. I have finished my contract. The experience has been beautiful and I have achieved my dream and did everything I wanted to do. And everything I do from now henceforth will be extra.

If it’s a job, or a job it will be extra. I have driven that car I wanted to drive (apart from Range Rover Sport), lived in the houses I wanted, and worked in an organization I always wanted.

I have achieved what I wanted to do and now we move…,” he said.

With Butita’s pitch on the table, will he be the next voice you hear on your morning commute? Stay tuned!

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