Comeback King Nyashinski Drops Double Gems

17 May of 2017 by

Weaving through Tuesday midmorning traffic, I turn on the radio and the presenter is raving about this new Nyashinski jam that is driving them bonkers got me super curious. So all volumes up, I’m amped and pensive what will Nyash deliver this time round. Since his return to the scene after a 10-year hiatus, he had two bangers “Mungu Pekee” and “Now You know” which changed the scene and revamped our tolerance to local jams. I was ready for the 3rd single.

Malaika is the name of the single, straight love ballad, with melodies to make couples snuggle on the sofa or some candle lit setting. Its androgynous theme makes it perfect to sing out loud anywhere, anytime. At this juncture of his career, Nyashinski is a trendsetter and he brings back the musicality aspect of 254. Strong writing, seamless delivery in vocal range and the beat produced by Ceedo is pure bliss especially the piano. A friend just called to say the song made it to her list of “Wedding playlist”.

I had to catch the video later on and the storyboard director created the perfect screenplay for the record. On the interview, Nyash said, “I want to appreciate the aspect of love, people in love and I had to put it in a song for everyone to have something to hold on to”. Enjoy the jam below.

As soon as Malaika dropped, as the official Radio Single, Nyashinki said he has something for the fans. Now my heart pounded because as a music fan I want an artist to comment on the current issues in the country, give or take, flour prices, bleaching, politics, and the whole shebang.

The track Aminia has some scathing jabs left, right and center to his industry peers, braggadocio to the top floor. As he stamps his authority as the rap king on the record, he covers issues like taking a matatu with Trey Songz, artists bothering him for collabos and freebies, hitting a million YouTube views on a lyric video, quality of music and tackles issues of pay in music for aspiring musicians. Nyashinski and Ceedo seem to mesh perfectly as all their collaborative effort is spawning gems.

Certain circles in the hip hop world are wishing they scored the beat while some want to remix the jam barely 24 hours before it dropped. What a time to enjoy good music in the 254. The release is timely and spot on which cements Nyashinski’s  longevity for 2017. The video is equally stimulating and he just has his industry OG, Nameless on it. Enjoy it below.





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