The Colosseum: A Little Taste of Italy in Nairobi

The beauty of a city like Nairobi is choice. Perhaps five years ago, I wasn’t as savvy about options and wasn’t as willing to experience the new, but that’s changed over the course of time. I’d love to believe my perception of taste has been enhanced – and more importantly, my willingness to explore.

Yes, we’ve heard all about the food mecca that our city in the sun is slowly turning into, but how many times do we actually pull ourselves out of our comfort zones and live those experiences.

I was recently invited to sample the menu of the brand new Colosseum restaurant at the Two Rivers Mall. My second time at Two Rivers past the Village Market in Ruaka – and I still felt as lost as ever. It’s massive – and probably needs a few more treks before I familiarize myself with its twists and dips.

The Colosseum is a surprisingly refreshing oasis in the middle of such a massive structure. Located at the Riverfront, it’s draped in gorgeous warm tones – at least in the evening – super inviting and rather quaint at the same time. The type of restaurant you’d figure would be a great first experience with a date or a gang of really close girlfriends.

Dining in 2017: everyone is taking pictures of their food! 

Pinsa Roma with parma ham

It’s an Italian menu with a focus on really authentic cuisine. Prosciutto and pasta and pecorino and pinsa roma – don’t mistake it for pizza – pinsa is light and fluffy and the choice of toppings are not there to mask the flavor of the bread but to accentuate it.

Italian cuisine prides itself on the simplicity of its fare – the tomatoes, basil, parma ham, fish or mozzarella should sing as individuals and not clash.

And that’s why I think this restaurant will appeal to many and excite those who are used to a steak and two veg every Friday night.

Salami plate

Spaghetti with pecorino

The Colosseum has at its heart, a focus on the quality of ingredients – like any true Italian restaurant would. From the manner in which the food was displayed, to the freshness of the ingredients and the deftness of touch in which the breads were manipulated.

From the vegetables to the absolutely perfect desserts on offer, to the wine list, The Colosseum is a treat. Want to start off slowly? Head over during happy house with a friend or three, and share some of the pinsa roma on offer with a couple of cocktails or some Pinot Grigio.

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