Colleagues, Friends Honour Charles Ouda On ‘The Undiscovered Podcasts’ Live Event

The late actor Charles Ouda, renowned for his versatile roles in Kenyan TV and film, was honored by a gathering of colleagues, friends, and family at a vigil held at the Baraza Lab on Riverside Drive.

The event, broadcast live on ‘The Undiscovered Podcasts’ YouTube channel, was hosted by media personalities and actors Patricia Kihoro and Mugambi Nthiga.

Actress Mkamzee Mwatela commenced the evening by delivering Ouda’s eulogy, penned by Elizabeth Ouda. In it, his sister shared anecdotes revealing how Charles refined his acting skills, often by “throwing his siblings under the bus whenever he wanted to get his way” with their parents.

Nick Ndeda of KBC English Service also paid homage to the late actor, recounting their initial meeting. “I admired two things about Charli. I admired how amazing of an artist he is,” Ndeda said emotionally. “But I also appreciate the human being that he is.”

The Director of Mediae Trust, known for producing shows like Know Zone and Makutano Junction, lauded Ouda as “extraordinary” and a “critical valuable partner” in their endeavors to promote entertainment in Kenya.

Timothy Owase, CEO of the Kenya Film Commission, expressed sorrow over the loss, describing Ouda as an “incredible actor” beloved by the industry. “Charles was an incredible actor and we all loved him but God loved him more,” he remarked, urging industry colleagues to support Ouda’s family and introducing Cabinet Secretary Ministry Of Youth Affairs, Sports And The Arts, Ababu Namwamba.

Mr. Namwamba, representing the government, extended condolences to Ouda’s family and the creative community, acknowledging the actor’s significant contribution. “I have no doubt that Charles would have made an amazing contribution at this important moment by bringing his experience, his creativity to this sector,” he stated.

The evening’s tributes were interspersed with musical performances by Eric Wainana and Karimi Rimbui, along with scenes from Ouda’s recent work, including “Crime and Justice” and “Salem.”

Ouda passed away on the night of February 3, as confirmed by his family in a statement shared with KBC, where he was described as “a beloved son, brother, and friend.”

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