Coke Studio Africa: One on One with Shekhinah

Shekhinah is a South African singer and songwriter. Her latest single, Let You Know is currently making waves internationally.

KenyanVibe caught up with Shekhinah while she was in town for Coke Studio Africa and here’s our little chat.

How are you liking Nairobi so far?

I love Nairobi, I haven’t gotten to see a lot of it, but I really like everything about it so far. Kenya is beautiful

Who have you collaborated with In Coke Studio Africa?

So far I’ve  gotten to collaborate with Falz from Nigeria and then Jason Derulo. Second collaboration I got to work with Gemini Major from Malawi  and Jeno Band from Ethiopia

 Have you ever wanted to collaborate with artists from across the continent?

No, I never even considered it until Coke Studio. It’s the greatest opportunity and  I can’t believe I didn’t think about it sooner. I’m glad that Coke Studio brought me in.

How have the collaborations impacted your music?

I think working with so may different artists has really expanded my idea of music so as well as the elements in use, I’ve learnt of so many different instruments I would like to use in my music. It really broadened my imagination a lot. I think for so long you are so focused on your own music that you don’t think about what will make your music sound better.  So coming here I feel so inspired to add things to my music to make it better and make it more relevant to everybody. So that really is what I’ve learned.

Is that going to change your sound?

I think it might, it might change my sound. And if it does it will probably be for the best, not that there’s anything wrong with my sound. But I also don’t think there’s anything wrong to try new things to add new things to your style. It’s pretty cool.

Are you going to take this experience into your next album?

Definitely. I think every time I write music I’m always inspired by either people or places so being in Nairobi and experiencing the Kenyan living and the Kenyan culture it has really inspired me to change a lot of my music and a lot of my lyrical content. I’m always inspired by places, I need to move around in order to think more. I’m glad I’m here and I hope my music improves by being here.

How do you feel about Coke Studio?

I feel like Coke Studio is a very cool concept and I really enjoy being around different cultures, it teaches you to be a lot more understanding of different people and where they come from and I think that’s what we really need as people. Being part of Coke Studio allowed me to realize that South Africans are not the only people on the planet, we need to address everybody when we write music. Coke studio reminds me of that and the people that need to hear your music. Being here has allowed me to think out of the box and I want to do so much more. I want to include what I’ve learned from Nigeria from Kenya, from Ethiopia into music. I  don’t want it to be just for me anymore I want it to be for everyone.

Coke Studio Africa is set to air from September and will be aired in more than 30 countries. Keep it locked for more updates.

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