CMB Prezzo is Back with New Jam Feat P-Unit

The President is back!

It has been a hot minute since Jackson Makini aka CMB Prezzo graced our screens with his music but this COVID-19 has managed to change all that.

The veteran rapper has emerged yet again to claim his right to the throne with a new song featuring P-Unit dubbed ‘Hop Step’. The song is a dance song that will definitely light up the clubs once Corona passes.

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The new song was released on Youtube just an hour ago after they were featured on radio personality Jalang’o’s Youtube page. It has already amassed thousands of views.

Prezzo’s music from back in his glory days has remained timeless as they still blare in clubs and radios. He was famous for hits like ‘Mafans’ and ‘Tupendane’.

Besides his music, Prezzo’s reputation in the media hasn’t always been as spotless as his music. He has had controversies with ladies and police at various occasions.

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Last year tabloids even speculated that it might be time for the celebrated rapper to hang up his boots but he continues to prove naysayers wrong.

The new song has fans praising Prezzo for his slick lines and legendary deep voice.

Check out the video below:

A voice, not an echo