Clever Ways To Turn Your Studio Apartment Into A Cozy, Spacious Home

Studio houses (better known as bedsitters, but more spacious) are a popular option of living for most youngins. They are economical and cuts down the hustle of having to live with a housemate in a bigger house plan. One of the challenges of living in such small spaces is dividing the room and arranging it not to look too crowded.

The following are ways you could divide your studio space to create a bedroom per se;

Use bookshelves

Bookshelves are stylish, do not block light and maximizes the storage space, so forget about the cartons of books lying around. You can also have other things up apart from books, like flower vases and house plants.

Use of decorative screens

Screens have some antique touch to them, their use dates back to the 7th century. They are lighter, portable and stylish.

Use of curtains as divider;

Curtains are less bulky, cheap and suitable for small spaces where it is difficult to have other forms of dividers like shelves and screens.

Place couch at the foot of the bed

This creates a psychological division since your back faces the bed whenever you’re using your living space.

Loft bed

Having a loft bed is killing two birds with one stone; they expand the living area by having the sleeping area higher. You can have your couch under or create a minimalist working space.


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