Churchill Show Comedian Paul Wakimani Opens Up On Struggle With Depression & Alcoholism

Popular Churchill Show comedian Paul Wakimani Ogutu has finally opened up about his struggle with depression. This comes days after another comedian Zainabu Zeddy gave a detailed statement in regard to the plight of comedians in Kenya.

Speaking in a video while addressing his fans, Wakimani admitted to having battled depression for about 3 years and narrated how this affected his career, relationships and mental health.

“I have been going through depression for the last 3 years and it has not been a very easy road for me” he stated

According to him, some of the incidents that worsened his situation was frustrations in the laugh industry and an accident that caused the death of his comedian friend Ayeiya.

Things got more difficult for him when Ayeiya’s wife sued him for allegedly causing the death of her husband in a case awaiting a verdict in court.

The comedian also narrated how his condition drove him to alcoholism and he recalls instances when he unconsciously slept on the streets and others where he got violent.

Apart from the lawsuit filed against him by Ayeiya’s wife; who demanded compensation, Wakimani also revealed that he has other pending assault cases against him which came as a result of his violent encounters.

Wakimani says that he was pushed to come clean about his story knowing that his fans deserve to know the truth and he wanted to make peace with those he offended.

Apart from Wakimani other celebrities who have publicly shared their story or weighed in over the challenges faced by comedians include Sleepy David, Jalango and Victor Ber.

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