Churchill Launches New Show Dubbed ‘Big Laughs’

Comedian Churchill Ndambuki will make a return to the stage for the first time since the pandemic started with a new show at the Quiver Lounge & Grill on Thika Road dubbed “Big Laughs”.

The comedian announced the show on social media saying it will be on his birthday, October 31.

He, however, said that the show will be very different from Churchill Show which is normally held at Carnivore Grounds.

“It’s my birthday. The idea behind Big Laugh is different from Churchill show. It is an African idea. We are excited about the first show. Everyone will be here, it’s a lot of work between now and Sunday,” he said.

The comedian further said that the show will have different segments but will only be a stand-up gig and not on TV.

“It is a standup comedy and then new segments will be introduced and new actors as well. This is however not for TV, come and experience and wait for the next one,” he said.

Some of the comedians who will take the stage on Sunday include: Terence Creative, Prof Hamo, Captain Otoyo, Sleepy David, MCA Tricky among others.

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