Chronixx Stamps Nairobi A Reggae City!

International reggae sensation Jamar McNaughton aka Chronixx was in town this past weekend on his international tour dubbed ‘Chronology Word Tour’. Nairobi was the only African city slated to see him, that’s because Kenya holds a special place in his heart as his ‘gateway to Africa’.

Reggae fans thronged the KICC on Saturday 21st for a pure reggae/dancehall concert organized by the Homeboyz crew. Local acts namely, Timeless Noel, Brian Nadra, P Unit and Rekless crew all performed for a record 30minutes power set.

Chronixx walked on stage at 1 am to a great crowd of over 6000 fans whose cries were so loud you’d go deaf. The Zinc Fence Redemption Band accompanying him were beyond exceptional on the instruments, but the percussionist really caught my ear.

Clad Ankara top, his dreads tied to a bundle Chronixx landed on stage and the crowd went bonkers. He for two and a half hours, he did not want to leave the stage. He went through his catalog with jams like Here Comes Troube, Spanish Town Rocking, Roots, Black is beautiful, Who Knows, Blaze Up The Fire, Likes, Skanking Sweet, Smile Jamaica and many more.

The crowd was so in tune with his lyrics that you could see the delight on his face. He did command the Nairobi crowd like a master puppeteer in a circus. Chronixx left Sunday night headed to Jamaica but he did leave a lasting impression.

My take away from this concert: Chronixx is destined for greatness, Kenyans love a good show, and show extra love. Concert business should boom as fans will pay everything to see their favorite artist.

I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.