Chipukeezy Regrets Chasing Clout, Says Entertainers Should Focus On Growth Instead

Chipukeezy has opened up about his early career regrets, admitting to being lured into chasing clout by industry pressures.

In a candid revelation, he confessed that during his tenure as a radio presenter at Kiss FM, he was molded into a “bad boy” persona to attract business, leading him to engage in showbiz scandals.

Recalling those days, Chipukeezy, now 33 years old, acknowledges his naivety in succumbing to the industry’s manipulation. He alleges that Radio Africa, the station he worked for, encouraged him to embrace this persona, which ultimately took a toll on his personal life and reputation.

“What I didn’t know at the time because I was young in my 20s and naive and still fresh into the showbiz industry, is that Radio Africa was encouraging me to own up to this bad body image character brought forth by the scandal, something that I’m not,” Chipukeezy alleges.

One incident that stands out is his infamous altercation with fellow entertainer CMB Prezzo over a lady, which Chipukeezy now regrets. Reflecting on these past experiences, he realizes the extent to which he was controlled by industry forces.

Chipukeezy highlights the immense pressure on celebrities to maintain a flawless image to secure lucrative deals and stay relevant in the competitive entertainment landscape. He reveals that many high-profile appearances and extravagant vacations touted by celebrity couples are driven by financial incentives rather than genuine affection.


“Right now at 33 years of age, as Chipukeezy when I look back and read things about myself, I just can’t comprehend. The narrative created and the industry controlled me. I now understand why for some reason my mum was always worried about my life as a comedian because it was so chaotic as the industry benefitted from the drama.”

According to Chipukeezy, the industry often uses celebrity relationships as marketing tools to generate revenue through endorsements, club appearances, and sponsored trips. He emphasizes that the majority of these unions are not authentic but rather fabricated for financial gain.

In retrospect, Chipukeezy’s journey serves as a cautionary tale about the perils of succumbing to industry pressures and the importance of staying true to oneself amidst the allure of fame and fortune.

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