Chipukeezy Forced To Cancel Decade Celebratory Event 

Comedian Chipukeezy has been forced to call off his highly anticipated show meant to mark his 10 years in the comedy business after being hospitalized.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Duke Mike, his brother, said the comedian is responding well to treatment but didn’t share why the comedian was hospitalized.

“Dear friends, fans, and family, we hope this message finds you well and full of love and life. We deeply value and appreciate your unmatched support towards this ten-year comic journey,” the statement said in part. 

The statement further explained that Chipukeezy had to postpone the “Ten Toes Down” show to a later date that shall be communicated.

The show was set to go down on August 5th, 2023.

“Due to this unprecedented, unavoidable, and overwhelming health situation, we regrettably have to postpone Chipukeezy’s upcoming decade celebratory event to a later date that will be communicated in due course after he fully recuperates.

“Your understanding, patience, and support are very much appreciated. We really rally for your prayers during this trying time. Asanteni Sana. God bless you all,” said Mike.

The comedian has gotten a string of visitors already including Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi who also gave an update on how he has been fairing in hospital.

“Chipukeezy was admitted here last night and I have had a chat with him and we are happy with the progress with his medication and the Doctors here are doing a good job.

“He is since out of machines and is now in the normal ward, and as you are aware he had a show on August 5th, and following our discussion with the doctors we have decided to postpone the show and the new date will be announced when he is out of the hospital,” Itumbi said.

10 Toes Down set to mark Chupukeezy’s 10th anniversary in the comedy industry had been scheduled to happen at KICC but the venue was later changed.

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