Chipukeezy Discharged From Hospital After Scary Accident

Comedian Chipukeezy has been discharged from the hospital following an accident that left him with a fractured knee.

The comedian, who also doubles up as NACADA board vice-chair, was on Instagram to inform his fans about the accident but didn’t share many details but rather chose to give gratitude.

“When God speaks, you hear, listen and understand. Appreciate and Live life. I now know without a doubt we live by grace,” he said.

“The Grace of God. We are not in control. You are not in control. Panic, anxiety and confusion all experienced in less than 30 seconds are the craziest things I have felt in life.”

He went on:

“It all happened so fast and now it’s three days nursing a knee fracture. The doctors say I’ll be okay with time but God basically told me to slow down. Take it a step at a time. We have been given life to live. My appreciation for life is over the top.


“I am grateful for life. Doing too much or moving too fast is not what life is about. Stop for a moment and Live life! I’m thankful to everyone who’s been there for me, my family, my management, my friends, we slow down, appreciate life and live life.”

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