Chimano Redefining Concerts with Debut ‘Love And Harmony Fest’

Singer, songwriter and Sauti Sol member Chimano is redefining events in Kenya with the rollout of his debut concert ‘Love and Harmony Fest’.

Love and Harmony Fest

According to the organizers;

“Love and harmony fest is the ultimate multi-experience party, celebrating love, harmony, inclusion and diversity.

The multi-experience day will include fashion, DJs, dance, tattoos, body and an amazing performance lineup.”

The event scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022, at The Two Rivers will be headlined by Chimano.

Commenting on the event, Chimano posted;

“Here we go!!

Love and harmony fest will close this month with all the good vibes and energy!” He wrote

“Also it’s my first solo show so naturally I’m excited and nervous at the same time!” He added.

‘What is Love’ Campaign

Ahead of the Love and Harmony Festival, Chimano’s team and friends have been participating in the ‘What is love’ campaign.

Presenter and content creator Chiki Kuruka shared her opinion in a video;

“Love is looking in the mirror and being happy at the person you see back.

“Love is going to sleep unburdened

She added, “love is feeling comfortable enough to extend grace to everyone.”

Digital creator Stephu Mulinge shared her take on what love is as well;

“Love is not a noun, Love is a verb, Love is more of the action.”

She added, For me, I like to bundle up these actions into one, and put them in a bowl of respect.

Love to me means respect because feelings die down, people change, but as long as you have the respect, then you have love.”

And the headliner of Love and Harmony Festival; Chimano shared what love is to him;

“Love is a connection.

Love is foundational to humanity.

Love is inherently in us, if only we embrace it, accept it, we can all live in a better world, take care of each other, and re-establish what humanity is.”

Tickets to the event are available at Hustle Sasa.