Chimano On Releasing ‘Heavy is the crown’ EP: It’s exactly Who I am

Sauti Sol’s Chimano has revealed that working on his recently released EP “Heavy is the crown” was a totally new experience for him.

Speaking of the 7-track project, the singer confessed that the project enabled him to beat hurdles that have been there all his life.

It made him centred.

“It feels good to be authentic, at peace and centred. It’s a good place for me to be in and to stick to my values,” he said.

“This EP is who I am. I am coming out of my shell. It takes time for who you are to shine brightly from your soul, from within, to the outside – a lot of people will relate to this.” 

Chimano said that some songs were written as early as three years ago and were just sitting around not sure where to be slotted until the opportunity came up.

“The working experience on this project was amazing with a roller coaster of feelings; I felt challenged, uplifted and I understood who I am more with this project and it’s one of the things that gives me undefiant confidence,” he said.

 “The experience has been very eye-opening to who I am. I made a new best friend within me that was waiting to come out to explore his creativity, image and brand.”

The album is the latest from the group’s members who are now focusing on their solo careers following their groundbreaking record deal with Universal Music Group in 2021. Heavy is the crown was released on the 15th of April.

“It’s hard to ignore the burdens society puts on you but by believing and focusing on yourself while being kind to others, you have crowned yourself and don’t need anyone to validate that. I have fully started to express myself and deep down for me this is an expression of happiness and freedom.”

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