Nairobi’s Pop Up and Chill Event Is Here!

You’ve probably seen the pictures of men going shopping doing rounds on social media, haven’t you? Especially the one where there’s a guy seated somewhere looking absolutely miserable, wishing he was somewhere else? He’s loaded down with shopping bags, presumably waiting for the Mrs. to be done with her shopping. It’s such a sad sight. But, shopping doesn’t have to be a stressful occasion thanks to Pop Up and Chill.

As the name suggests, you’re invited to the 2nd Edition of Pop Up and Chill, to shop for unique items and pieces in a very “chill” setting, the Nairobi Art Centre. Happening this Saturday, February 11th from 2pm till 7pm, come and experience a new way of shopping.

With Nairobi becoming even more artsy these days, Pop Up and chill is catering to this new need. The last event saw a beautiful, relaxed and quirky Nairobi based audience brunched and lounged, buying a variety of art, from decorative pieces to apparel to vinyl records. Mariadi.Co, Blackfly Njema Helena, Oteng and Blinky Bill were a few of the talented designers hosted by ChilliMango last year.

What exactly is the aim of Pop Up and Chill? “To change the way we shop, what we buy, and promote designers making unique and great quality African made products. We want to change the experience of shopping and make an event that’s inclusive and interactive.”

One way that they’re doing this is by inviting you to DJ. Ever gone to an event and thought to yourself, “Man this music sucks, si they let me play mine!” At the Pop Up and Chill, they let you do just that. “We invite people to DJ, play their own music on what we’re calling Open Decks,” just one of the ways to keep it interactive and inclusive.

This weekend, ChilliMango will feature ThemM2K, Pop Up Nairobi, Suzanne Mieko, Oteng, the Nairobi Wine Club, Blinky Bill and a host of other up and coming creatives.
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