Chiki Celebrates One Year of Managing Bien

Chiki, wife of former Sauti Sol’s lead singer Bien, has commemorated her one-year journey of managing the musician.

In a heartfelt post shared on April 30, Chiki reflected on the whirlwind of experiences and accomplishments they have achieved together in just over a year.

She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to manage someone she loves and respects deeply, emphasizing the remarkable progress they’ve made in a relatively short period.

From releasing an album to embarking on a world tour, Chiki described the journey as nothing short of a dream come true.

Reflecting on the lessons learned during her tenure, Chiki acknowledged the inevitable challenges and hurdles they encountered along the way. Despite facing underestimation and skepticism from some quarters, she highlighted the unwavering support and belief that others have shown in their endeavors.

“I’ve learned that some people will under estimate you no matter what you do, whilst others will see more value in you then you even see in yourself. Some people will always challenge your presence, whilst others will honor it,” she said.

As both a wife and manager, Chiki shed light on the dual roles she navigates, noting the varying perceptions people have regarding her involvement in Bien’s career.

From being dismissed as a mere “micromanaging wife” to being admired for her dedication and advocacy for her husband’s artistic rights, Chiki emphasized the importance of staying true to their vision and priorities.

Ultimately, Chiki emphasized that their collective focus remains unchanged: the fans, the art, and, most importantly, their unity as a team.