‘Chezaa Next 20 Artistes’ Looking To Nurture Africa’s Next Big Stars

Chezaa Africa, an African music platform, is calling for submissions for their latest initiative – The Chezaa Next 20 Artistes. This project is set to run across all African countries. 20 promising artists will be selected from the pool of submissions.

According to Chezaa Africa founder Kennedy Oloo, the selected artists will receive various perks to catapult their music careers to the next level. These include – access to studio time to work on select projects, planned collaborations with other artists, and music marketing and distribution tools.

Additionally, The Chezaa Next 20 Artistes program will also empower these rising stars with in-depth knowledge of the music business. All this with the aim of aiding them to make the most of their talents. To participate, one must submit their demo song(s) through the official Chezaa Africa website.

Chezaa Africa takes pride in being a dedicated African artists’ music platform. It works to promote aspiring acts, get them established, and equip them with the right information on the music business. Furthermore, Chezaa Africa offers music distribution and publishing administration services to enable their artists to monetize their crafts.

“We make sure that our partners achieve a highly lucrative income without sacrificing their originality or artistic caliber. As a result, we devise strategies for our clients to keep their notoriety and continually improve their abilities through our platform.” Notes Kennedy Oloo.

Some of the artists who work with Chezaa Africa include Stevo Simple Boy, and Adasa to mention a few.

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