Chef Ali Mandhry’s Scrumptious Swahili Recipes Worth A Try

Chef Ali Mandhry has perfected both the art of cooking and of creating content that you will love. The guy has to have the most likeable personality ever. Can you just picture him saying his catchy slogan “vurunyaa.”

“Swahili cuisine reflects several influences, as a consequence of the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nature of Mombasa and Swahili heritage. It is a mixture of various culinary traditions, including Bantu, Arab, Portuguese, Indian, British and even Chinese cuisine.” is a quote from Ali’s YouTube channel where he showcases Swahili influenced meals, cakes and travel.

Chef Ali Mandhry who goes by Chef Ali L’artiste has also been using Instagram to share his recipes and meals. For the month of Ramadhan, he has highlighted a Swahili dish every day to have for Iftar and we totally feel like everyone should get on this.

Here are some of the meals he’s shared

Check out the link for the recipe.


Drooling right? Same here. There’s so much where that came from. The recipes are so straightforward and you don’t have to stress about ingredients. Each meal has a highlight on Instagram for the steps. In the captions, the TV chef also shares interesting anecdotes about the meal and the procedure.

If you love flavourful dishes, try some of these Swahili comfort foods. Happy cooking!

Chef Ali’s Pic: Marcus Olang/StillsByMarcus

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