Have You Checked out Edi Gathegi’s New Show? You Should!

Kenyans living and working in the Diaspora are doing just fine – and they have been for a minute. You might not hear about the actors who are making waves in the U.S. as often as you hear about Lupita, but that’s not because they aren’t putting in the work.

Edi Gathegi is definitely doing that. To be a successful working actor with a string of legit titles under your name takes a mix of timing, talent and perseverance. The 37 year old is an alum of the Tisch School of Performing Arts in New York City – one of the most credible institutions for creative storytelling in the world. And a great education within your field means the chance for even better opportunities to wow casting agents and audiences alike with your gift.

He has a new show on TV following on from high profile stints on work such as Big Love, X Men and Twilight. “Start Up” follows a group of highly shrewd misfits – his work is supported by Adam Brody and Otmarra Marrero among others, who work to maneuver through the underworld of crypto currency (or bitcoins to you and me…). But of course, the FBI is onto them and is looking to take down the operation. Edi takes on the role of a Haitian Gangster and the reviews have been pretty darn good. According to Indiewire, “Gathegi is the second most impressive in a cast without any bad apples…[he] earns the quiet moments with equal force and complimentary characteristics to the battles he fights on the streets…”

Check out the trailer!


The show is produced by the new streaming kid on the block – Crackle – and critics feel that this may be the start the service really needs to play rough and tumble with the big boys.

Go Edi!

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