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Toa Tint (Mask Off) || Khaligraph and Octopizzo’s “TBT”
Khaligraph Jones has been the topic of conversation across all social media platforms. That’s good. The reason he’s in the news? Not so great. There have been speculations that the rapper from the one nine sixty (Kayole) has been bleaching his skin because he looks a little lighter than we’re used to. When Ciru Muriuki asked him about it on The Trend last Friday, Khali said that he had been living a much better life, he’s at a better place and he drinks “clean water”. He even gave props to his girl for introducing him to facial scrubbing at the salon and that’s why his appearance had changed.

That didn’t hush up the rumors. If anything, that was only fuel to the fire and he became the subject of online trolling and a lot of pokes. Octopizzo, his long-time rival didn’t let the opportunity slide either because he wrote, on his Instagram, that if Khali had esteem issues and he needed to talk he (Octo) was there for hi

Soon after, Khaligraph released “Mask Off (Toa Tint)” where he addresses the issue. Strategic (classic) move, if you ask me because no other rapper can make fun of him after he’s already made fun of himself.

In yet another post, Octo told the story of a “black fat kid” called Omolo (Khaligraph’s name is Robert Ouko Omolo) and his “mentor” King Octo. Perhaps he was responding to Khaligraph’s monologue at the end of Toa Tint where he says he’s not gonna mention a certain rapper’s name because he’s “out of fashion”? Maybe. Octo does say at the end of the post “Haya katoe diss ingine nangoja”.
Octo’s strategic move. He knew that taking jabs at Khaligraph would make him get back into the news especially since their history of rivalry. Come on, we all saw this from a mile away, right?
Today, Octopizzo released “TBT”.


Nobody || Raj ft. Khaligraph

In the midst of this back and forth, Raj has JUST released “Nobody” featuring Khaligraph. On the record, they talk about minding their own music and being so focused on the grind that they don’t talk about other people.

Raj has confessed before that he’s been wanting to work with both Octopizzo and Khaligraph.

Got The Sauce || Steph Kapela
If you’re looking for all the sauce that you can possibly get from one artist, the person you’re looking for is Steph Kapela. In fact he’s so confident in his sauce that he’s made a song about it! While fans have been enjoying Steph Kapela’s composition for a few months, the video was released on May 10th. The video looks really good, I love the emotion that you can see Steph embody in his performance but some shots reminded me of Atwal’s prior hit, “All Day” that featured Kelvin K., Zonda, Chief Mufasa, Timmy Blanco and Khaligraph Jones. Steph is signed to Atwal Music.
Ms. Samba (The Posse) acts as Steph Kapela’s love interest and Bien- Aime shows his face somewhere in the video. Overall, this is a really dope video. There’s beauty in simplicity.

Banana || Ivan Odie x Ace Tha Don x 125 Music
Ivan Odie created the beat and challenged Ace Tha Don to do something he had never tried. He came up with the hook, Rabsari (125) laid his monster verse and as they were chilling in the studio listening to the track, Ace started rhyming. Ivan challenged him to do something he had never done before; rap in Swahili. That’s how Banana was born (I’m yet to ask them what this means, lol). To be completely honest, I never thought I would see the day that Ace rapped an entire verse in Swahili and did it so well but he did. This record really impressed me and it was probably a lesson for Ace as well. Sure we’ve heard Rabsari spit in Swahili and mix it with English, which he’s GREAT at but let the shock hit you when you hear Ace Tha Don’s verse.
The video was shot and directed by Ivan Odie.

Mistakes || DJ Mandy
The one thing I love about DJ Mandy is that she stays putting in work. In a field dominated by the fellas, Mandy stands her ground and has the hunger to prove why her bio says, “The only female rapper” in Kenya. She has been releasing freestyles in a bid to prove her lyrical prowess and determination to dominate the Hip Hop scene. From “MandyQuin”, her latest freestyle is “Mistakes”. A song that shows us a deeply hurt yet brave faced woman who has continuously made sacrifices for a guy (to the extent of her leaving her man for it) only to get tossed. It’s the struggle of whether to stay or leave yet even when the decision to leave is made, the memories make her want to go back. Have you ever been in such a situation?

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