Check-mate! Elsa Majimbo Talks About Her Chess Journey With Netflix

Award-winning Kenyan comedienne Elsa Majimbo sat down with Netflix to talk about her chess journey and how it has shaped her into the go-getter she is.

Elsa who has been named the real Queen’s Gambit by Forbes revealed that she indeed has won 15 chess games.

The Real Queen's Gambit: How Elsa Majimbo Is Winning Over A Global Audience, One Move At A Time

During her sit down with Netflix’s ‘A Strong Black Lead’s social media account, Majimbo showed off her various medals and trophies which she has acquired over the years.

She revealed that she started playing chess quite young and won her first tournament at 14 years old.

“My chess technique is very quick and very rushed. I’m not a patient person,” says Majimbo

Forbes Names Elsa Majimbo 'The Real Queen's Gambit' - KenyanVibe

Chess to her is what has developed her thick skin. Despite not being celebrated in her home country, she kept going. Majimbo revealed that she never takes no for an answer.

“Chess is not a game you go in when you’re good, it’s a game you go in when you’re the best,” she mused.

Majimbo revealed that since her global fame, she has had to turn down small-time gigs waiting for the big ones, a skill she learnt in chess.

“Chess and my career are very similar, in both of them it’s all about the long game,” she said.

Watch her full video below:


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