Chebet Ronoh Flaunts Body Transformation as She Shares Tips On Weight Loss

Comedian Chebet Ronoh has always been open on her career moves, mental and Physical health.

Recently Ronoh embarked on a fitness journey, and has shared how the expirience has been.

“It’s been 5 months through my fitness journey and the love and support you guys have given me is the most amazing thing I’ve expirienced this year, you really pushed me I’m so greatful.” Chebet Ronoh wrote.

“Now I want to help you because being the best version of yourself is the biggest flex!” She added.

Weight Loss Tips By Chebet Ronoh

Sharing tips on weight loss, Ronoh reckoned losing weight is easy and shared tips on how to achieve a desired physic.

“Do not eat so much at night let your body rest if you can stop 8 pm latest the better.” She wrote.

The media personality added several more tips on how to loose weight, writing;

“Cardio is your best friend whether it’s walking, running, skipping, taking the goddam stairs at your job/building do It!!”

Ronoh who’s lost a significant amount of weight noted weight-loss can be a long process;

On nutrition and diet, she wrote;

“Eat your vegetables and proteins with fruits thosee !! Will build you !!

Find a diet plan that is EASY for you to stay in a calorie deficit without feeling hungry all the time.”

She added more tips, writing;

“LIFT WEIGHTS or LIFT YOUR BODY WEIGHT!!! (Calisthenics or pilates or Yoga)

Take your damn WATER!

Love your body through it, Finally CONSISTENCY BABY”