Chebet Rono On leaving Homeboyz Radio: ‘I Didn’t Listen To God’

Comedian Chebet Rono has finally opened up on why she left Homeboyz Radio barely two months after inking a contract.

Rono worked alongside Nevile and G-money on The Breakfast Show but reported to work just a few weeks before disappearing, then finally resigning.

The job had come several months after leaving NRG Radio where she had launched her radio career but later quit after almost a year.

“After some time, I was offered a job on Homeboyz, I was like yes,” she said on Youtube.

“I didn’t listen to God and I did not have time to think about it. I thought it will look good on my name and add some seasoning, all the thoughts that people had on why I left radio will be erased in everybody’s mind.”

She went on to say that after working for a few weeks and realizing she’s not getting any happier, she made the bold decision to leave.

“But I went back and I wasn’t happy, I didn’t like it. I was like here I am again doing something I don’t like. With time is said no and I was able to leave. That was the best decision I made,” she said.

Rono also touched on fans always comparing her to fellow comedian Elsa Majimbo saying ‘it really sucks’ but doesn’t bother her much these days.

The two have an almost similar comedy style but while Rono has gotten popular locally, Majimbo, who relocated to South Africa, has been accepted by the international market.

“The last thing you want to do is compare, it really sucks when people keep on looking at the negative side,” she said.

“There is a reason why you are alive because what you are supposed to do no one can ever do that on this earth. Life becomes a journey of finding self and purpose.”

She went on:

“A lot of people compared me with Elsa, I understood it at first because it was the industry and people are always going to compare. But it sucks, instead of people looking at her and what she was able to do, something others haven’t done after being in the industry for long.”

Watch the video below:


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