Exclusive Chat with Nigerian Diva Seyi Shay

This is your second time in Kenya. Tell us why and what is planned for this trip?

I am on this trip to promote one of my new singles called ‘Koma Roll’. The song features Harmonize from Tanzania, who I heard is big out here. The song is doing really well back in Nigeria and we wanted it to do well here too. So this is called ‘The Koma Roll Tour’

How did the collabo with Harmonize come about?

The song was recorded before I met him and it was recorded in Atlanta and Harmonize happened to be working from the same studio I was working in. The engineers played it to him behind my back and told me later that they got him to feature in the song. I was really excited about it then we later met in December and shot the video in Nigeria.

“KOMA ROLL” with Harmonize is an up-tempo afro-pop banger. Could you talk more about the song and how was the writing process?

The song is a party song that talks about shaking your body especially the booty that’s why we say KOMA ROLL which means let it roll. The song was written by a songwriter who is signed to me and it was pretty easy for him coz that’s what he does as a career

How do you find Swahili as a singing language?

Well, at first it was difficult, Swahili as a language is very difficult for me but thanks to Ommy Dimpoz. He stayed with me in every step of the way and helped me pronounce the words.

Over the years, you have continued to establish yourself as one of the most versatile female artists in Africa. What would you say is the secret to staying on top?

I think it has a lot to do with the evolution of my art. I am always evolving, Staying in my lane and using the inspiration around me which includes visiting other countries and different cultures plus the people i have met in my journey as an artist. So the music comes out with diversity.  

Which Kenyan female artist do you aspire to work with?

I like what Victoria kimani is doing and I’d also want to work with Avril.

Any other Kenyan act you would consider working with?

Sauti sol most definitely. I visited their studio and I like what they are doing.

What projects are you working this year?

I am still pushing Koma Roll and am currently working on my next Ep. It will have a more international sound.

Growing up what kind of music were you exposed to?

A lot of reggae and ska music, insert Afro-beat because my parents are from Nigeria but I was raised in London.

You were in a girl band at the early stage of your career? 

Yes, I was in a girl band and we were managed by Mathew Knowles. We toured with Destiny’s Child, had our own reality show on MTV. We did some amazing things then we broke up.

Do you play any Instruments?

Yes I do, I play the violin but now I have long nails I don’t play anymore

What advise do you offer to young artists who wants to join the showbiz industry?

They should be consistent in what they do and pay attention to the goal.

A kenyam creative who navigates through music,blogging and alternative modelling. studied music at the kenya conservatoire and film at Ranee productions.