Change Management; The Art of Unlearning and Relearning

The biggest challenge and yet the most crucial part of adulting is having to unlearn some things that have practically become part of us, part of who we are. Then as if that’s not enough having to learn a fresh, just when you thought you had life figured out.

Take something as simple as how you draw your curtains or how you do your laces. I seriously had a super hard time the other day when I found the curtains drawn towards the centre instead of what I term as right on each end of the window.

It took a lot of restraint, maturity, and Jesus not to flip or feel the need to correct. A voice within me asked me, what if you are the one who has been wrong all this time?

Ever thought about it? What if what you think is correct has been wrong all along? Who defined the parameters for right and wrong? A little bit of introspection here and there and we have picked up a few nuggets along the way. So here goes a few tips on managing change

Have an open mind

Life isn’t linear and times will come when your foundations will be rocked. Quit being stubborn and hear our new and fresh perspective.

Establish a yardstick for truth and fact

I’m a believer and I use the Bible as my yardstick. I also recommend researching on matters to help know what to take in and what to ignore.

Embrace change, don’t fight it

Some things will be out of your control, people won’t always think as you do and that’s fine. Embrace the differences and change where you need to, it makes the process quicker and less painful.

Be gracious to others

Most of us have areas we are still working on, and so do others around us. Be kind to people or as a pastor friend of mine says; be firm on principle but soft on people.

Expand your knowledge base

Don’t limit yourself to what you have been taught. Things are continually changing and so should you. Rigidity will only birth/multiplies stupidity.

Finally remember, change need not be painful, flip it to the other side and see the endless possibilities packaged in it.

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