CEO at 21! Meet Halima Hussein Founder Of HH Glam-A Kenyan All-Organic Cosmetic Line

The cosmetic business in Kenya is becoming one of the most sought as many celebrities continue to venture into the industry. Although it is quite a competitive industry, it does not scare off entrepreneurs who believe they have something unique to offer.

21-year-old Kenyan law student; Halima Hussein is one of those who have established their cosmetic company; HH Glam in the country and she speaks on what motivated her to start the journey and challenges she encounters in this venture.

Speaking on Switch Tv’s chat spot, Halima said that she has always been a makeup lover since childhood and this helped her identify her passion which she wants to pursue as a long-term goal.

“I’ve always loved makeup since I was 9. Makeup is what I really wanted to do so I decided to start it. The natural twist came from the fact that I worked on an all-organic skincare company…they really educated me on the benefits of putting natural products onto your body and I’ve been running with that” she stated

The founder cum CEO of HH glam currently has lip gloss products manufactured in Kenya and plans on introducing other skincare products as well as organic made foundation and eyeliner in the future.

Being a student in London, Halima cited finding a balance between her studies and managing her cosmetic brand as one of her major challenges although she says most of the work is done over her holidays.

On what makes her brand unique, Halima explained that her cosmetic brand is one of the first all-organic in Kenya and East Africa. Her role model in the cosmetic industry is Kylie Jenner who also has her own cosmetic line.

She encouraged other young people who wish to venture into such a business to start without the fear of not having enough capital advising that they can always start small.

Recently, the 21-year-old announced that she had sold out her newly unveiled product sanguine kisses within 2 months since she officially introduced it to the market.

Halima credits her success to having parents who support her and a team that has been working hard to push her brand further.

The entrepreneur who launched her cosmetic line about a year ago hopes that her products will sell both locally and internationally.


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