Celebrating Kati Kati’s Latest Honour

23 September of 2017 by

It was almost exactly a year ago that we spoke to Mbithi Masya about the release of his new project. A film dubbed Kati Kati that had already begun to receive major international festival buzz.

It was an ambitious undertaking for an ambitious group of people that saw the potential for Kenyan creativity behind the often restrictive boundaries in place today.

Kati Kati, a film that written by Mbithi alongside Mugambi Nthiga was a success – bagging a slew of showings and honours, along with a Premiere in Kenya during the early months of 2017.

And now – perhaps one of the most significant moments yet for its young cast and crew – a shot at the Best Foreign Film category at the upcoming Oscars.

The word is given to a feature length motion picture produced outside the United States of America with a predominantly non-English dialogue track.

It is accepted by the winning film’s director, but is considered an award for the submitting country as a whole. Over the years, the Best Foreign Language Film Award and its predecessors have been given almost exclusively to European films. We look forward to seeing this change for 2017!

Well done to the cast and crew!


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