Celebrate Your Uniqueness And Self Expression With Crocs Classics

Shoe company Crocs is now hailing as Calling All Classics. This is an expansion of the crocs line of its ‘Classics’ products and a declaration to invite people of all kinds to come as they are. The new Calling All Classics campaign is focused on celebrating inclusivity and self-expression in 2021.

Founded in 2002, Crocs has gained popularity over time for its iconic shoe dubbed the ‘Classic Clog.’  The Calling All Classics campaign will introduce new silhouettes of the classic clog icon in trend-focused styles that aim to promote better self-expression.


The shoe brand prides itself in making comfortable casual shoes and sandals. It strongly believes in comfort as an expression of personal style. Their innovative team is constantly researching new technologies and developing revolutionary materials that are lighter, softer and more flexible for the comfort and style of their customers.


Crocs’ legendary comfort has made their shoes arguably one of the shoes with foot therapy abilities. It is currently one of the most popular comfort shoe brands in the world. Celebrate your self-expression today by getting yourself a pair because once you’re in, there’s no way back! Your favourite classic crocs shoes are available at Nairobi Sports House, Yokora Sports and Crocs Kenya Facebook page.


Images: Crocs