Caroline Mutoko Wants Kenyans To Apologize To Naomi Campbell

A lot has been said on and offline since British supermodel Naomi Campbell was named Magical Kenya’s International Tourism Ambassador on January 12 by the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife.

Most of it has been negative stuff as a majority of Kenyans bitterly insisted there were better Kenyan candidates for the job.

Caroline Mutoko has come out to defend the supermodel saying that actually, the ministry landed a gem in her and Kenyans should apologize for all the hate and unprintable words they threw following the appointment.

“She is a friend of Kenya, she actually loves this country genuinely,” said Mutoko.

“If you don’t understand ask, but don’t display your ignorance boldly and loudly on social media and add hate to it. The world doesn’t need your crap right now.”

Kenyans rushed to Twitter following the appointment to share a thousand reasons why she shouldn’t be in that position, suggesting several other Kenyans who have a global appeal such as Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o.

Some even argued the young comedian Elsa Majimbo –who Kenyans have shunned and mocked since her come up– was a better fit than the supermodel.

Majimbo and Campbell are friends and have teamed up for several projects including funding a charity home recently. It’s from this collaboration that her name popped up in the ugly Twitter trend.

“What’s your problem?” said Mutoko.

“She is good for us and she means well for us. Naomi is owed an apology by every single person who acted like ‘why her?’ Why not if nothing else she has been a true friend of this country. And she has never never not put it out there every time she is here.”

Mutoko then went on to explain why people like her, or even Majimbo for that matter, can’t be International Tourism Ambassadors.

“I will never be a brand ambassador for Kenya, yes I can do domestic but for the numbers we need,” she said.

“For heaven’s sake! And If you don’t get it sit down… Wear a mask, clean your hands and if you can sanitize your thinking.”

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