Carolina Carlz: The Highs & Lows Of Being A Social Media Influencer

Popular social media influencer Carolina Carlz has opened up about the challenges she encounters in her line of work and what she hates most about it.

Taking to her social media account, Carolina says that her biggest concern is that one is forced to lie in some situations and pretend that everything is okay since thats what is required of them by their audience or sponsors.

“What I hate most about being a social media influencer or relying on the digital space for money/ sponsorship is that sometimes you have to lie.

“You have to pretend to be okay Even if you are not. You have to smile, laugh in front of the camera, post , interact with your fans even if you don’t feel like it.” she wrote in her post

According to her, the danger in this way of living paints a fake image making it difficult for realize when one is struggling or not okay.

She further advised family and friends not to depend on social media to tell if one is okay but instead reach out and have a conversation with those who work as social media influencers.

“They might be posting tbt photos or videos making them look current.. just check up on people you really care. ” she added

Despite the challenges that come with this nature of work, a good number of Kenyans have managed to improve their living standards by working in the digital space.

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