Cardi B Reacts To Her Image On A 254 Matatu

Matatu art is a big part of the culture, and part of what makes public transportation across Kenya super exciting. The art work references pop culture icons, legends in the world of music and film, but are also just super referential for what is hot at any one particular moment in time.

Matatus speak volumes about who they want to appeal to – they are an expression of the aspiration that any route of crew would like to say about themselves.

We live with matatu art constantly, so it’s rarely a big deal – but it’s always fun to see what international celebrities have to say when they catch an image of their face on one of our mini buses.

Cardi B was grateful. She’s always grateful. That’s what people love about her.

She posted on her Instagram:

This in Kenya,Africa !!! I Love it .I wanna cry this made me really happy !Shout to all my supporters in Africa !!Hope i visit one day # BardiGang

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