Capture The World Through Your Smartphone in 3 minutes


In this tech day and age, research concludes that we spend 3 hours and 40 minutes looking at our phones. This excludes making actual calls on the phone. The smartphone has become so synchronized with our lives such that some people lose their minds the moment they forget it.

We can go on a rant about the pros and cons of being on your smartphone but we shall save that for another day.

The question of the day is can you use your smartphone to showcase a compelling story? Can you document your life with your phone? Do you know the art of storytelling? For instance picture filming matatu ride from your digs to town and happen to catch some conductors fight action jostling for passengers; that is content.

#FilmByPhone is a new initiative by the French Film stakeholders and other players in the industry giving everyone a chance to film a story edit and submit by 30th November at Alliance Françoise the leading Cultural and French language Centre in Nairobi.

The Rules of participation are pretty simple; the film must be shot using a smartphone. That is a no brainer because the camera pixelation from a handheld camera is way high than a phone, so do not cheat. The maximum full edit should be 3 minutes long. Each individual is allowed only one film per entry. The film should be in English, Swahili, French or a mixture for all the bilingual guys interested.

Easy formats for submission should be in Mp4, AVI, and WMV which you can find on the editing software. You are at liberty to use an external microphone for sound. You are also allowed to use an editing software. Original and unpublished films also have a chance. Lastly, copyright is held by the entrant.

The theme of the competition is rebellious Spirit, so you have until midnight to live it up.

First prize in this competition will take home Ksh25, 000, second place will bag Ksh15,000 and the 3rd place will settle for Ksh10,000. The screening will take place at the same venue from the 6th to 8th December and it is an open invite to see how creativity flows in the 254.

Take this opportunity not only to shoot and showcase but to also see who are the creatives in your area and can partner with you.


I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.